We have opened the Topart wellness in order to introduce our guests into a health-focused wellness world beyond beauty culture. Traditional beauty culture is completed with the possibilities of wellness, making a happier and a more balanced life possible.
By developing wellness department of our hotel we intended to establish a uniform wellness conception moving all organs. The wellness department offers active recreation, regeneration and relaxation to rest from fastening life, all day’s stress, negative effects of tension as well as exhaustion and depression owing to these.
Topart Wellness can be found on the ground floor of the hotel. Here you have all the things needed for active recreation and relaxation: bubble bath, Finnish sauna, infra sauna and steam bath, experience shower etc. You can also enjoy the Balaton by sitting in the bubble bath of Topart Wellness.

  • Jacuzzi
  • Finn sauna
  • Infra sauna
  • Steam bath
  • Scot shower
  • Ice glamour
  • Tub with cold water
  • Foot Kneip
  • Massage